Welcome To Belize - Come Live The Adventure

North = Corozal District, lots of water and places to live a quiet life.

    Islands = Ever Catch Island Fever? Then Hop a Watertaxi or Plane to the Islands. It is cheap and easy.

Mountains = Ever Dip your head under a Waterfall in the Mountains? There are lots of opportunities to do so in Belize.

Orange Walk = Ever Heard of Sugar City in the Orange Walk District?

Nice place to climb a pyramid for a Day at Lamanai!

South = Long Walks on Southern Beaches or remote jungle lodges.


To Belize

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to and possibly living in a tropical location - which is just next door?


A sunny location that is close to North America with a stable government, and where English is the national language?

Maybe a location where you can hike into the jungle in the morning, snorkel or dive in the afternoon, and then dine on the beach as the sun sets over blue tropical waves?

Well friends, i have lived here for 9 years and i can confess to you that there is that perfect beach or that lush jungle lodge where you can  sit each night and watch the tranquility of a Belizean sunset.

Look Inviting?

If your answer is yes, then CHANGE YOUR LATITUDE/LIFE come and enjoy life in Belize.